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Solid State Inflight delivers a beautiful experience to your passengers
Why choose Us?

ImagineThe IFE you want.

Whatever your requirements for IFE, Solid State Inflight provides a custom-branded solution that can take advantage of all the features of the Apple iPad. Movies, music, TV shows, books, games, magazines, tour guides, audiobooks, duty-free shopping; with the capacity available on today’s iPads the only limits are your imagination.

Why choose Us?

DesignBrilliantly Reflecting Your Brand.

Solid State Inflight can deliver a standard app with basic branding for your airline but we usually don’t stop there. Our designers and coders work closely with you to develop an IFE system that is completely in sync with the vision for your passenger experience. From simple and robust for military personnel to deluxe and exclusive for high-end charters, your IFE will reflect perfectly your brand.

Why choose Us?

BuildRock Solid.

Need a cabin management system? Want to allow customers to order duty-free from their seat? Solid State’s world-class developers build custom designed solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Leveraging the latest Apple technologies, we have taken everything that we have learned from previous iPad-based deployments to create the world's most advanced solution.

Clean, Clear and Customizable.

Imagine, Design and Deploy Your Perfect IFE System


Brand elements, colours, look and feel and icons perfectly suited to your airline’s brand vision.


Clear User Interface.

Icons on the toolbar make it simple for your passengers to find the content they want.



Need to promote specific content? Want pre-roll advertising? Multiple Languages? Solid State delivers IFE features that precisely meet your requirements.


The Most Powerful devices in the sky.

iPads ensure the best customer experience with bulletproof reliability.

The reality today is that many airlines are leasing aircraft with no pre-installed IFE system or are unwilling to invest the time and money required to fit a heavy, expensive and soon-to-be obsolete IFE system in their cabin. By using iPads to provide IFE, Solid State Inflight uses state-of-the-art hardware along with easily upgradable software.

From light and dark screen modes, parallax wallpapers and multi-language support for dubbed languages, subtitles and dynamic Closed Captioning to features such as Bold Text and VoiceOver, all passengers, even those with visual or hearing impairments can enjoy the greatest IFE experience.

Using Apple’s latest iPads, Solid State ensure that your passengers will have the finest IFE experience in the air. Whether you choose to go with the incredibly detailed and vibrant high-definition screen of the iPad Mini or the stunningly thin and light iPad Pro with its beautiful 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch screen options, your passengers will have the thinnest, lightest and greatest tablet at their seat.

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Advanced Analytics.

Benchmarking your devices' performance helps you make great choices for your passengers.

Do you know what your passengers watch? What the read? What they listen to? What they buy? We can tell you.

Detailed, real-time analytics are available to you on a dedicated web portal. Information can also be fed back into the onboard iPads to dynamically offer your passengers a list of the most popular programming.

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