Solid State Inflight delivers the best end-to-end content experience

Early Window & More.

Beyond Movies and TV.

Of course, Solid State’s IFE solution is a studio approved solution with end-to-end DRM that can offer early-window movie and TV releases to ensure the best IFE experience for your customers. Our media player and all content can support the languages your customers demand: From a multi-lingual user interface to magazines and newspapers in local languages to subtitles and dubbed films.

But Solid State doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the powerful capabilities of the iPad, your passengers can take advantage of all the features and apps found in the iOS ecosystem. From some of the most innovative games to books, magazines, newspapers, music, in-flight menus to incredibly sophisticated apps with specialised content, Solid State consistently provides our customers with the most innovative IFE in the sky.

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Content Updates.

Technology to deliver updates faster than ever.

Tight aircraft turnarounds and demanding flight operations require minimal ground handling time. That’s why Solid State went back to the drawing board to build the most innovative and responsive Content Management System (CMS) in the industry. We can remotely deliver content to iPads according to your schedule; monthly, weekly, daily or event at the last minute.

Our hardware and software innovations greatly reduce the turnaround time for preparing content, and increase the speed that new content can be pushed to iPads. The long battery life of Apple’s iPads coupled with our unique CMS and loading software and innovative charge-sync hardware means that Solid State’s solution can reduce or eliminate the need for hot-swap iPad sets.

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Not Only in the Air.

With you from the lounge to the aircraft.

While Solid State’s solution is normally found in the air, passengers are increasingly demanding a more encompassing experience as they travel. Solid State also delivers specific content for Airline lounges and waiting areas. Wherever you have a need to engage with your passengers, Solid State’s completely managed service ensures that you are always providing the greatest benefits to your passengers.

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