All your Questions answered in one place

Some of your Questions:

We're always available to answer any of your queries, but please find below some answers to common questions about our service.

Q. Are you approved for early window?

Yes. Our iPad-based IFE has been fully certified by the major Hollywood studios so your passengers will be able to watch the newest content.

Q. Can you work with our Content Service Provider?

Solid State can work with any CSP, acting as integrator and distributing content to our customers' iPads. Solid State is fully equipped to handle all hardware and content service roles, and can even act as your CSP if required.

Q. How are iPads managed?

Solid State are industry leaders in device management, and can fully maintain deployments remotely, with no engineer visits required. As an airline, your only role is to physically connect devices to our equipment located on-site at your facility - after that, everything is done invisibly, quickly and efficiently.

Q. What sort of commercial terms are available?

Solid State knows that airlines have very different requirements and budgets so we have designed our IFE solution to be as flexible as possible. Whether you want to purchase your own devices for long-term usage, lease-to-own devices or just rent devices for a brief period, Solid State can offer flexible terms at an unbeatable price.

Q. How are the iPads delivered?

iPads can be shipped to your ground handling area charged, pre-loaded with content and ready to fly. Alternately, they can be charged and synchronised with your content using our charge sync carts. Either way, they are fully ready to be loaded onto the aircraft and handed out to your passengers.

Q. How can we keep track of the iPads?

While shrinkage due to iPad damage or theft is miniscule, for those airlines wishing to play a more proactive role in keeping track of devices, Solid State offers a number of security solutions including RFID tagging, both active and passive RFID scanning, securely locking charge-sync carts, device tracking and other security measures. Talk to us to discuss your specific requirements.

Q. What level of customization is available?

Our developers are world-class and can create anything you may require. We have several beautiful templates which can be easily and quickly branded for any airline, but we can equally create a completely bespoke UI based on your requirements. Just have a look at our Gallery for examples!

Q. Do you use proprietary encodes or off-the-shelf files?

In order to reduce costs and load times, we use only off-the-shelf encodes, keeping your technical costs to a minimum.

Q. What level of support is offered?

Our iPad operations have a greater than 99.999% reliability due to our proprietary device management solutions, and we monitor devices and hardware 24/7 - our support team maintains systems to ensure that everything runs like clockwork. We're so confident in our remote services that we will never charge you for an on-site visit.

Q. Do you offer streaming services?

We love our streaming partners and are happy to integrate services with them - just ask us how.

Q. Can I arrange a demonstration?

Absolutely, just call us or send us an email and we'll be happy to accommodate.